Immersed in moments and memories, Johanna Marie’s work is a glimpse into an inspired and introspective world. Born and raised in Duluth, MN, Johanna spent much of her childhood outside in the woods, filling unstructured time with an awareness and appreciation of the natural world. From the metamorphosis of butterflies to the subtle shift in seasons, Johanna’s work reflects the quiet connections between humans and the worlds that surround them. Her ability to be in tune with her surroundings has nourished her creativity and encouraged her unencumbered voice as an artist. Johnna has traveled around the country as a photographer, AmeriCorps member, and as an art student at Earlham College and Penland School of Craft. These experiences have allowed her to collect and create stories while pondering the relationships she has observed over time. Johanna’s art reflects her personal need to live a softer, more sensitive way of life.