Most of us forget about the ordinary spaces in which much of our lives take place. The bathrooms and laundry rooms and kitchens and elevators that we frequently move through seem unworthy of our attention. But in the midst of our busy days, we sometimes wake up to a blanket of fresh snow on a winter morning, or we see fireflies flickering on a warm summer night, or we spot the first flowers of spring blooming. In these small moments, the world seems magical. My photographs are inspired by this sense of wonder.

I conjure magic from the most humble of materials: paper, string, glue, tape, paint, beads, wire, flowers, leaves, branches, grass, and miniature lights. To create my photographs, I choose specific environments and physically alter them with origami I hand-fold, natural materials I collect, or props I combine and assemble. For a short time, each scene literally exists in the real world. I can see and touch and interact with the places in ways that would have been impossible if I had, instead, only added the magical elements in Photoshop. My photographs convey the emotions I feel while encountering each space and encourage viewers to imagine experiencing these environments too.

A Sense of Wonder is your invitation into my world. I take enchanting moments and situate them in the context of everyday life in order to remind us of our own amazement and to reconnect us with the environments we so often dismiss as unremarkable. Each of my photographs playfully asks “what if?” They embody the belief that we could walk into a place we have been 1,000 times before and suddenly encounter something extraordinary.